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Communications Consultant
Specializing in Thought Leadership and B2B/B2C Marketing Communications
  Newsweek "My Turn" -- That Little Freckle Could Be A Time Bomb
It took four years of cancer scares for me to realize that skin care is more than covering my face when I sunbathe. >>
  Don't Be a Computer Crash Dummy!
I learned the importance of regular data backups - the hard way!  >>
  Forget "dieting."
To permanently drop pounds, you need to change habits. >>
  Do You Know About These Heart Risks?
Think you know how to minimize your risk of deadly heart disease? Think again.  >>
  The Patience Effect
Learn to stay positive, grow with your mistakes and enjoy the journey. >>
  Your Mind: A Little Privacy, Please
This article helps tweens and young teens understand why they need "space" and time alone to develop and grow.  >>
How your furry companion can make you sick -- and what to do about it  >>
  Here Comes the Sun
Odds are you need more protection. Take these 5 steps first.  >>
The Washington Post -- Adoption: For Older Dogs, A New Leash on Life
The Dog Writer's Association of America nominated this freelance piece for a Maxwell Award, and the ASPCA selected it as one of three finalists for a Human Issues Special Award.  >>
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This site showcases the freelance article writing I did between 2003-2007, and highlights a few of my accomplishments from when I was a solopreneur with my company To the Point. Visit me on LinkedIn.

Bothered by bugs? Wondering about the latest on heart health or how to prevent lead poisoning in your child? Did you know that balance is considered a "sixth sense" by some medical professionals? Stiff neck? Click the links for my latest USA WEEKEND Health Briefs.

Don't be a "computer crash dummy!" Read my article in The Writer.

USA WEEKEND's special Women's Health Report ran two of my Health Briefs: Important News for Mothers-to-Be (about gestational diabetes) and Give Yourself a Break and Get a Bone Scan  (about a safe, easy test for osteoporosis).

Many of us have trouble sleeping every now and then, but if insomnia becomes chronic, it can lead to anxiety and disability. Read my recent USA WEEKEND Health Brief  Long-Term Insomnia Puts You at Risk.

Learn about how to handle kids' skin conditions in USA WEEKEND:  Don't Spread It Around! How to Curb Four Contagious Skin Problems in Children (scroll down past Dr. Tedd's column).

Exciting news: Read Home Free, a personal narrative about how my former-stray cat Atticus became an indoor-only kitty, in the new Seal Press anthology, Cat Women: Female Writers on their Feline Friends.

Think FAST to prevent stroke damage, and see how osteoporosis affects men. Plus, find out about how hugs help your health, learn about binge eating disorder, and read about ADHD and teen driving in my recent USA WEEKEND Health Briefs.

Tweens and young teens need "space" to develop and grow. I help them understand why in this Weekly Reader Current Health 1 article A Little Privacy, Please!


If you're reading this from your desk at an insurance, managed care or consulting company, trade or custom publisher, provider group, or non-profit organization, and you're wondering how you'll possibly get that report, brochure, article, newsletter, advertorial or white paper written before your boss needs it, contact me.

For over ten years, clients have commissioned my To the Point writing and consulting services to capture and express their thoughts about consumerism, disease management, healthcare, mental health, employee assistance and child/adolescent programming. They appreciate my succinct, straightforward style, and trust me to maintain firm boundaries between corporate and editorial copy.

Put my clinical background, corporate experience and writing skills to work for you.

These clients have.

I thought your white paper was very impressive. So did my writing consultant and he doesnt give compliments easily. Nice work! - Chuck Reynolds, President, Employer Practice, The Benfield Group

As always, you're such a reliable professional to work with that I wish I could offer bigger assignments more often! - Jennifer Lawler, Editor, ATA World Magazine (client of custom publisher MSP Communications)

You did a fantastic job of absorbing, synthesizing and articulating how our innovative approach to Clinical Integration could truly help us differentiate in the marketplace - and it has! You are such a good writer what typically sounds like gobblygook becomes alive and fluid. - Timothy L. Blevins, Manager, Aetna

Im thrilled with how this article turned out! You hit the tone just right, and I love the new, fresh information that you included. You also used a great mix of sources, I like your experts tips and Im sure the client will, too. - Amy S. VanStee, Editorial Manager, StayWell Custom Communications

I had the chance to review the letter and you really did a phenomenal job! You provided exactly what we needed - and thanks so much for including the additional facts on the indemnity plan. The tone was also right on point. - Tina Hawkins, Senior Associate, Mercer Human Resource Consulting

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